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FAQs about Collbran Colorado

About Collbran, in general

Town of Collbran Town HallWhat is the population of Collbran, Colorado?

The 2000 Census concluded that the population of Collbran was 418 people. However, that information does not include the Collbran Job Corps, which is within the Town limits. With the students at the Job Corps, the Town estimates the total population of Collbran to be 6?? people.

What is the elevation of Collbran, Colorado?

The elevation for the Town of Collbran is 5980 feet. The Town is located at the northern part of the Grand Mesa in our own little area called the Plateau Valley. Additional information: Visiting Collbran, New to Collbran, and Collbran's History.

What county is Collbran in?

The Town of Collbran is in Mesa County. Please review the Mesa County's website for more information.


When and where are Town Board meetings held and who are the members of the Town Board?

Please see the Board of Trustees page regarding information on the Board of Trustees.

What are the hours of Town Hall and how can I drop something off at Town Hall after hours?

The Town Hall is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with the exception of holidays. If you wish to drop off a payment after hours, there is a drop box attached to the back west door.

Where is Town Hall located and what are the address, phone number and fax number of Town Hall?

Town of Collbran
1010 High Street
PO Box 387
Collbran, CO 81624
970-487-3751 Town Hall
970-487-3380 Fax
970-487-3120 Town Shop
To contact us online, go to:
Mayor & Board of Trustees
or Administration/Departments

Licensing, Taxes, & Fees

How much is a business license?

All businesses operating within the Town limits of Collbran must obtain a Business License from the Town and a Sale Tax License from Mesa County. Refer to the Municipal Code, Title 6, for more information. Also review and print out Business License Application and return it to the Town Hall, with a $5.00 fee, to obtain your license.

What is the sales tax rate in Collbran?

The Sales Tax Rate for the Town of Collbran is 2%. If you have a business within the Town Limits, you will need to included the 2% with the the County's 2.9% and the State's 2% for a total sales tax of 6.9%. If your business is within the Town Limits, please refer to the "How much is a business license?"

Does the Town require pets to be licensed?

Refer to the Muncipal Code, Title 10, Animal Control.
10.02.020   Annual Vaccination and Licensing Required.  (a)  No dog or cat over the age of six (6) months shall be kept, harbored, or maintained within the Town of Collbran, Colorado, unless such animal's owner has the dog or cat inoculated by a licensed veterinarian, obtains a Vaccination Certificate from the veterinarian, and also obtains from the Town Clerk a license for each dog. Such vaccination and licensing shall be performed before January 1st, of each year, and licenses shall be issued by the Town Clerk for the period of January 1st through December 31st of each year. Any person who acquires or harbors any dog or cat shall, within fourteen (14) days after acquiring such animal, have the same inoculated and, if required, licensed.

How does the Town deal with animals running a large and animal disturbances?

To file a complaint, contact the Town of Collbran's Marshal's Office

Refer to the Muncipal Code, Title 10, Animal Control  
10.02.060 Running at Large Prohibited.  (a) It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog to permit his dog to run at large.
10.02.150 Animal Disturbances. It shall be unlawful to keep, harbor or possess a dog or cat or other animal which disturbs the peace and quiet of others by loud or frequent or habitual barking, yelping, howling, baying, yipping, crying, whining, meowing, or making any other loud noises so that same may be heard beyond the premises where the dog is kept or harbored. Provided, however, the owner, possessor, or harborer shall first be notified of the disturbance of another, either by the person disturbed or by a peace officer.

How much are tap fees in the Town of Collbran?

Tap fees are $4500 for water and $4500 for sewer, regardless of whether you live in or out of Town. Please refer to the Public Works Department for more information.

Waste & Recycling

Does the Town of Collbran offer recycling?

The Plateau Valley Association (PVA) provides recycling service to the residents of the Town of Collbran at no charge. Recycling bins are located at the Fairgrounds. For more information about recycling, please contact the PVA at 970-487-3402

When is trash picked up?

Monument Waste Services provides the trash service for the Town of Collbran. Trash pick up is every Tuesday. Please have your containers out as soon as possible. For questions regarding your trash service, please contact Monument Waste Services at 970-487-3771.

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